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November 3, 2012
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"WOO! We're totally going to hang out in the wild, dude!"

You laughed as your friend Alfred hopped around in excitement, his backpack jumping around on his frame.

His brother, Matthew, stood next to him with a small smile across his lips.

Today you were going to go on a nature trail with them, and you couldn't be more excited! You had been friends with the polar-opposite siblings several years, and you loved spending time with them. Alfred was so fun to hang around; his child-like enthusiasm and hero complex had you constantly laughing. And Matthew...

He was perfect. Calm, sweet. A bit shy, but it made him all the more adorable in your eyes. You started falling for this kind-natured boy ages ago, but you were too nervous to tell him how you felt. So you admired him in silence, secretly swooning over his delicate features...


You were snapped out of your imagination by Alfred's impatient voice. You flushed slightly, embarrassed to have been daydreaming about Matthew, especially when he was standing five feet away!

"Wh-what? Sorry, I was just thinking..." You trailed off lamely.

"I said, are we ready for our adventure in the forest or what?"

You grinned at Alfred's excited face. "Sure, let's go!" You said, grabbing your own bag.

You headed for the trail and realized it was barely wide enough for two people.
You hesitated. Should you let the two brothers go ahead? But...what if Matthew...

You were spared the tough decision by Alfred, who suddenly sprinted into the trees.

"I totally just saw some wild animal in there, man! Let's get it!"

Your heart started speeding up as you walked side by side with Matthew. You simultaneously blessed and cursed how small the path was. You could almost feel his body heat, even through his thick coat. The sweet smell of maple syrup hung around him, making you feel light-headed. You loved being this close to him...

Ugh! You shook your head, trying to clear your thoughts. You shouldn't be thinking that way! It was nearly impossible that this angel of a man could ever return your feelings. And even if, by some miracle, he did like you, he'd never be able to tell you. You involuntarily let out a sigh.

"(Name)? Is something wrong?"

You turned toward Matthew, his almost music-like voice making your knees feel weak. He looked serious, his eyes full of concern.

You felt your face get hot. "Oh, no, I'm fine! I was...just thinking about how pretty the trees look!"

He smiled. "They are lovely this time if year, eh?"

You inwardly groaned. You always acted like such an idiot whenever you were alone with him. You were surprised he didn't hate you. You looked down, feeling confident the path was a little too small for two people.

. . .

You had been walking for about an hour or so, loving the cool breeze and shining sun as they hit your face. The trail was absolutely beautiful! All different types of trees lined the path, their tall branches leaning over your heads. The leaves were just beginning to turn; bright autumn colors flourished everywhere you looked. It was the perfect day for a walk.

The trail was very peaceful, much to Alfred's displeasure.

"Dude, I thought there were going to be, like, bears or sharks or something."

Along the way, Matthew talked to you about the different plants and flowers you saw. He had an impressive knowledge of nature, and though Alfred kept complaining about how "lame" it was, you hung on to his every word. His eyes were bright as he described the different kinds of flowers. You blushed when he trailed his long fingers over their petals. You couldn't help but imagine what those fingers would feel like on your skin...His smooth hands running down your body...the taste of maple...

You were jolted back to the real world by a sudden crack of thunder. What?

Looking up at the sky, you were shocked to see thick, dark clouds where blue was just a moment ago.

You frowned, upset. If there were a person who controlled the weather, you would have punched them. Just when you got to be close to Matthew, the weather had to go and ruin it!

"You guys! It's gonna rain!" Alfred whined.

"What do we do? Well never make it back to the car in time." You pointed out.

"Maybe there's some kind of shelter we could use?"

"Oh, right! Way to go, Mattie! You're, like, super smart!"

Matthew flushed at the use of his old nickname, and the two of you helped Alfred try to find a place to wait out the rain.

You discovered a little overhang a few yards off. It wasn't really optimal, and it certainly wasn't large, but it would have to do. The three of you managed to squeeze in just as the rain started.

You were sandwiched between the brothers as the rain poured around you. You were hyperaware of any contact you made with Matthew. The skin where your arms touched felt like it was burning. How could he not feel it?!

You fidgeted nervously, watching the downpour and trying to get your mind away from the fact you could here every breath that escaped from his lips. It was really coming down hard. Any thing left out in that would be totally soa-

"OH NO!" You shot up straight, wailing.

"What is it?" Matthew gently touched your arm.

"My bag! I left it on the trail!" You were so surprised by the sudden thunderstorm that you completely forgot to grab your bag from under the tree.

Alfred whipped around to face you. "Don't worry, (Name)! I'll get your bag!"
He crawled out and went tearing away, yelling, "HERO TIME!!!!!"

"But, I didn't even tell him where it is..."
You mumbled.

You suddenly realized that Matthew's hand was still resting on your shoulder. You looked at it and then up at his face. His eyes widened and he quickly removed his hand, blushing.

"S-sorry! I-I didn't mean to..." He stuttered.

You felt your face grow hot. What were you suppose to say? No, Matthew, don't take your hand away…

Instead you stayed silent, fidgeting with your fingers. Here was a rare chance to be alone with him and you weren't about to pass it up!

You turned and noticed a cluster of blue flowers growing in the corner of the hollow.

How perfect.

You sent a silent word of thanks to the heavens and cleared your throat, trying to act as causal as possible.

"Matthew?" You asked as you reached over, picking some of the flowers, "What kind of flowers are these?"

You held your palm up to him and he looked at the little bunch of flowers.

"Those are Forget-Me-Nots. Very pretty, eh?" His face lit up and gently plucked them out of your hand. "They don't grow in Canada, because it's too cold for them. It's been so long since I've seen any!"

You set your head in your hands, smiling. "Why are they called 'Forget-Me-Nots'?"

"It from the French name: ne m'oubliez pas, meaning 'do not forget me'," He said he as he twirled one of the stems between his thumb.

You gave a hum of understanding, admiring the way the French rolled off his tongue. "It's a rather sad name, isn't it? I mean, for such a pretty flower and all."

He nodded. "Yes, it has a lot of sad history attached to it. But it's not all bad. In the old days, it was often worn by women to show their enduring love and faithfulness to the men they loved."

You sat up. "Really?"

"Mmm Hmm." He gazed at the periwinkle flowers until you suddenly lunged forward, trying to snatch them to of his hand.

"(N-Name)! What are you doing?" He clenched his hand around the little plants and drew them away from your greedy fingers.

"I want to wear them!" You protested.

"Why?" He seemed genuinely confused.

"I want to pledge my enduring loyalty to the person I love!"

His face turned red and he suddenly became agitated. "Oh. I didn't know you were in l-love, (Name). Um, c-congratulations.  With who?" He looked frightened. "I-I mean-only if you don't mind telling me! I g-guess it's not really my place, eh?"

You shook your head. "I'm in love with the kindest, most caring, most beautiful man I know. He's absolutely breathtaking in every way: from his knowledgeable mind to his soft heart. He's never rude or angry, even when people are tenfold to him. He's just sweet, and gentle, and wonderful..." You knew you were blabbering, but you had to let it all out. "I would do anything to see his smile, and I would absolutely wear these flowers for him, because I would give him my absolute devotion, and," Your voice dropped. "I could never, ever forget him. Even if other people do."
You stared at Matthew, shivering slightly. Half from the cold, half from nerves.

He gazed at you, wide-eyed. "Y-you…I don't…M-me?" He whispered incredulously.

Nodding, you moved toward him. "Of course..."

You slowly leaned closer, hardly daring to breath. His cobalt eyes where so close, and looking right into your own.

You closed your eyes as you pressed your lips into his. You could feel him start in shock.

He hesitantly kissed you back, letting his lips melt over yours.

Shy or not, he was a fantastic kisser!


You felt his fingers trembles as you mumbled his name. You both pulled away, breathless.

"H-how?" He whispered. "You're so beautiful…w-why would you want someone like me?"

"You're the only one I could ever want, Matthew. I mean it." You placed your hand on his pale arm.

He glanced down at it, still stunned. "I-I-"

Matthew looked up at you, joy shining in his eyes. "I'm the luckiest guy in the world!"

You laughed and threw your arms around him, pulling him into another kiss. You clung to each other like the two of you were the only thing that mattered in the world. For some unknown reason, you were giggling like school children, both half mad with happiness and love. Though you were in a tiny cave, and rain was pouring outside, this moment was perfect. Nothing could break this connection…

"WOAH! Dudes, what did I miss?!"

…Well, it was nice while it lasted.
Yay! Finally, time for some sweet Canadian lovin'. :iconmapleleafplz:

(I know this one crossed the corn line a bit, but still. Mathew. :meow:)

- - - - -
Words (c) :iconmiss-sherlocked:

Canada (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

You (c) :iconmattiewilliamsplz:
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