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March 12, 2013
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This was going on forever.

The sun had just peaked under the horizon as you launched into your 34rd game. Allies were in the lead, 17 to 16.

The two groups refused to let the other have victory, so any time the Allies were ahead, the Axis demanded another game, and anytime they were in the lead, Alfred would call for another round "FOR THE SAKE OF DEMOCRACY!!!!".

You half-heartedly trudged through the woods as the game began, too tired to be competitive.

"I don't even care if my team wins anymore," You though, stifling a yawn, "I think I'll just let the guys work this one out on their own."

You stopped walking and plopped down on the forest floor. A blueish hue had fallen on the woods, and, as you sat there, you were awed by the beauty this time of day brought to the timber.

"I love it here." You sighed into the stillness.

"So do I, aru." The stillness sighed back.

You whipped your head around to revel Yao, stepping out from the shadow of an elm.

It suddenly occurred to you that you had long since crossed into the Allies' territory when you decided sit down. You were an easy target, here: illuminated and still on the forest floor.

Oh well.

He came closer, and you said, quite matter-of-factly: "Go ahead and tag me. I'm not really much of a threat anyway."

He laughed and sat down. "I'm not going to tag you, aru. It gets less thrilling when you've already done it fifty times."

"I am curious." He leaned back on his arms with an interested expression on his face. "What do you like about this place?"

"Oh, all of it!" You smiled, eyes flickering over the forests. "The trees, the wild life! it's all so...poetic."

He hummed his agreement, shooting you an appreciative glance. "Not many people think that way. Especially..." he mumbled the last bit so low he was unintelligible.

"Especially what?"

"Nothing." he sat up.

"Just-" Your words were cut off by a flash of light by Yao's head.

"Look!" you gasped, "Fireflies!"

Little flashes of light darted all around you, blinking in and out of sight in the dim evening light. The gentle bugs danced around the forest, winking on and off like tiny electric lights. You reached out for them, giggling as they breezed by in the right air.

“Let’s catch them, Yao!” you beamed at the fairy trails they made through the air. The two of you caught the lightning bugs delicately in you hands and showed them off to each other. You went stalking after a particular firefly, eyes stuck to it as it landed among the grass. Your hand shot forward- at the exact same time that Yao’s did.  Somehow, the firefly wound up captured between both of your hands, enclosed in your clenched palms.

You laughed, hoping the dim light of the dusk would cover the blush the started creeping up your cheeks.

“For enemies, we have surprisingly good teamwork, aru.” Yao smiled at you.

“What should we do with it?” You breathed, figuring the tingly electric feeling in your fingers was not from the lightning bug crawling over them.

“We’ll have to let it go eventually…” his shoulder brushed against your.

“Yeah, but let’s look at it first.” You moved your thumb away from his palm, peering in at the little bug crawling over you skin. “Aw! He’s cute!”

Together you opened you hands and lifted the firefly up to the sky so he could be free as he flew off in the night, blinking happily as he swooped around the trees. You realized that thought the firefly was gone, Yao’s hand was not, and his fingers still clung to your palm.

You suddenly felt a cool hand under your chin-Yao lifted your face up to look at his.

“(Name),” his voice was soft; fond, “you wouldn’t be upset with me if I were to kiss you, aru?”

You didn’t need to answer-your upturned face was clue enough.

He sealed your lips with his own soft ones, squeezing your hand as he pushed his mouth against you.  You kissed back, tasting the full herbs of the mountain on him and his silky skin on your bear arms.

You looked up at him as you pulled away, the firefly’s reflection glowing in his eyes.
“Hmm…” you murmured, wrapping your arms around his neck.

Yao shifted his head, hand at your waist. “What is it?”

“I believe I just tagged you, Mr. Wang.” Your eyes glittered.

He grinned, “But you’re in Ally territory, aru. Have you forgotten?”

You shook your head, humming. “We past back into my side while we were chasing fireflies.”

“Did not, aru.”

“Did too! That’s the boarder right behind us.”

“But you’re looking at it from the Ally side, aru.”

You rolled your eyes. “Be quiet you.” And the presence of your lips against his made sure he was. It didn’t really matter who lost, after all. You were both winners tonight.
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