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March 12, 2013
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The instant the horn sounded you bounded away, ready to charge to the other side. Time was essential to this game, you figured, and if you played with it on your side you may have a chance at winning. So you quickly rushed through the woods, hoping to find the Allies flag as soon as possible before they had a chance to get yours.

The leaves and branches of the forest brushed against you as you flew through it, soaring across the jagged terrain with a smile on your face. You had never really run through a forest before-it was kind of exhilarating! The wind nipped at your ears, whistling past your cheek with a dull chill. Air filled your lungs, chest rising and muscles straining as you moved through the tangled forest floor.

You had just raised your right foot when the other landed in a small pit in the forest floor, twisting at a sickening angle and sending pain shooting up your leg. You collapsed on the ground, gasping. Oh, that hurt! After a moment of recuperation, you tried to get back up, but any attempted at movement was met with a fresh wave of nauseating ache. So you lay back with your hurt leg, hoping it would get better soon or that someone from your team would come by and help you.

Time passed, and soon you heard the faint sound of leaves being crunched under someone’s feet as they walked nearby. Your ears perked up. Had help arrived? The footsteps were steady and relaxed. Did they belong to Kiku?

“Japan?” you whispered, bending towards the sound. “Is that you?”

The sound stopped abruptly. The person turned back, heading towards you quickly. “Not quite.” the murmur reached your ears before his feet did. You cringed. You knew that voice, and it certainly didn’t belong to Kiku.

England wasn’t on your side, but you couldn’t exactly escape now, could you? So you waited until you saw his head crown the leaves.

“Do I smell an Axis spy?" Arthur pushed through bush jollily. “(Name)!” He seemed surprised to see find you. His expression changed, however, as he noticed your particular placement on the forest floor.

“Oh, love. What happened?" He bent down apologetically, looking over you.

“I tripped, that's all." You bit your lip. “I think I sprained my ankle, though."

Arthur pointed at your leg. "May I?"

You nodded, blinking rapidly.

He gingerly lifted your ankle, gently feeling for any swelling. "Oh, it's properly injured, love." He grimaced regretfully. "I'd better get you back."

“Here," he placed a hand under your shoulder, “up we go."

Arthur helped you to your feet, supporting your back as you hopped through the forest.

“Thanks for doing this, Arthur." You cringed, your feet jarred by an elevated rock hidden in the grass.

He looked down at you, worried. “Are you sure you're all right?"

Pain rose up in your throat. “Um, not really?” you choked.

“Well that won’t do.” Arthur scooped you up into his arms, carrying on from there. “Much better.” He piped cheerfully. Heat crossed over your face and your heart thumped in your chest as he carried you out of the forest.

He was just putting you back on the ground when America’s air horn blasted again. Germany sprinted out of the woods, red flag in hand. Italy pranced after him, “Yay Germany! We did it!” Alfred stomped out, pouting. “No fair! The game was rigged, man.”

Germany held up the flag, triumphant. “It appears zhe Axis have von zhis time.” He chuckled to himself, pleased.

Alfred fumed. “Listen here Rhine Monkey, it will be a cold day on Ellis Island when I let the Axis win. I call a rematch!!!” He yanked the flag away. “Allies assemble!” His group gathered to him, but something dawned on him and he looked around expectantly.

“Where’s Arthur?” his eyes fixed on the Brit by your side. “C’mere England! Stop fraternizing with the enemy!”

England scowled. “(Name) is hurt, Alfred! I think I’ll sit this one out.”

Alfred gawked. “Dude! Don’t give up the game for her! That’s not in the Bro Code!!”

Arthur's face turned pink. “I do NOT RECOGNIZE the ‘Bro Code’!” He huffed off, leading you over to a park bench.

“Here, let me look at it.” His voice was less edgy as he gently raised your foot onto his lap. After examining it thoroughly, he ran off to get a bandage and wrapped it tenderly around your leg. His blonde fringe hung over his eyes as he looked down, rubbing your leg as he acted nurse.

“It’s not too tight, is it?” He questioned worriedly, the warmth of his hands still present even through your bandaged ankle. You flexed your foot happily. “It feels wonderful Arthur. Thank you for being my Doctor for the day!”

“No problem, love.” His expression was adorable-all delighted and sweet...

A sudden idea hit you. You grabbed Arthur’s collar and pulled him close. Your kiss was chaste-a quick peck before you put him back down with a furious blush covering his cheeks.

“What, um-” he stuttered, clearing his throat. “What was that for?”

“To show my thanks.” You smiled sweetly. “For being such an amazing healer.”

Arthur"s face was flushed and his eyes were cloudy. “Well, thank you.” His voice was husky. “For being such a good patient”. He leaned toward you…

It was a good thing the others were playing in the forest; that way you and Arthur could express gratitude in peace!
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